Class & Location

We are located in the Old Town of Tustin!

For accommodations, it is recommended to search for an AIRBNB in the 92780 zip code as there aren’t many hotels near the office. No matter where you choose, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to get plenty of rest after class.

If you’re flying into Southern California, make sure to fly into Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA) as it’s only 15 minutes from our office. If you want to get the full SoCal experience, fly into LAX and you’ll see exactly why we recommend John Wayne Airport (HINT: LAX is much farther and the traffic is yikes!)

What to Bring to Class

Once you register for class with your non-refundable retainer, you will receive a more accurate list of what to bring. Until then, here’s a general idea of what you’ll need for class:

  • Soft pedicured feet – no calluses, blisters, or foot/toe fungus
  • Massage cream (no oil)
  • 3 sets of massage sheets (3 top sheets & 3 fitted sheets)
  • 3 face cradle covers
  • 3 washcloths or hand towels
  • 6 king pillowcase covers
  • Clean socks/slippers (if you run on the cool side) or flip-flops (if you run on the warm side)

Ashley supplies all stools, pillows, face cradles, and tables with an 800-pound working weight capacity. Clean linens are offered for a $20/day fee if you choose not to bring your own. She has a mini-fridge and a microwave for you to bring snacks or lunch. There is also free ample parking.

Other Important Information

In order to create the best working environment for you to learn and for you to get the most out of your training, there are a couple things we need to know:

  • Bring the dimensions (ceiling height, width, & length) of your massage room where your ashiatsu bars will be installed. If you have a unique room with fancy fans or lighting that may interfere with your bars, you can bring pictures as those will also help, but the dimensions are the most important!
  • PARKING – There is plenty of parking. It is recommended to park between buildings 202 and 222. The office is located upstairs.
  • Punctuality is a must! Certain guidelines must be adhered to in accordance with the NCBTMB, and with the various states. You will only receive full credit hours on your transcript if you are on time each day.

Things To Do in Orange County

After all the hard work you put into learning your new skill, you deserve a little break and fun time. Below are some of Ashley’s most favorite things to experience in Orange County: