Do I have to be a LMT to take this class?

Yes, you must hold a valid massage license or certification required by your state to attend class.

California Therapists! If your city/county does not require or if you do not have CAMTC, you must submit the following in order to attend class: transcript from an accredited massage school, certificate of completion, and proof of professional liability insurance.

Is ashiatsu barefoot massage right for me?

Barefoot massage is not for everyone. Below are a few things to consider when deciding if this modality will be a good fit for you and your practice:

  • If your client base is mostly deep tissue work, barefoot massage will probably be a good fit! If most of your clients prefer light, hands-on work, you may want to reconsider.
  • If you have balance issues, are uncomfortable or have trouble with stepping up onto or down from a massage table, you may want to consider taking our floor-based Fijian barefoot course. This course is not currently offered at SoCal Barefoot Massage Training, but will host other CBM instructors if there is enough interest. Let us know if you’re interested and keep an eye on our schedule for updates!
  • If you’re pregnant, or currently trying to conceive, we cannot allow you take our trainings until you’ve had your baby. Receiving the work is an integral part of the training and is vital to the learning process.
  • If you’ve had major surgery in the last nine (9) months, such as breast/gluteal/calf implants or hip replacement, we cannot allow you to take our trainings until you are completely healed. As stated above, receiving the work is an integral part of the training and is vital to the learning process.

It is not our intention to discriminate or discourage anyone from class. Safety and quality training sessions should not be overlooked as these are of the utmost importance to us at Center for Barefoot Massage.

If you have any questions,contact Ashleyso we can discuss further whether or not barefoot massage training through Center for Barefoot Massage would be appropriate.

Will I really be able to feel knots and muscle tension with my feet?

Yes! Our feet actually have better proprioception than our hands. It may take some time, but with practice and patience your feet will become more sensitive to feeling muscle tension and trigger points.

Is there a weight limit for class?

No. In our Fundamentals course you’ll learn how to safely deliver one-footed strokes which are designed for therapists of all sizes. We do, however, suggest working on clients at least fifty (50) pounds heavier than you to start.

How can I prepare for class?

Our classes are anatomy-focused, so make sure to brush up! Since you will be working with your feet, it’s imperative that your foot-care regimen is up to par. This means keeping nails short, no rough spots or calluses, and no toenail fungus!

Lastly, it may be important for you to work on foot, ankle, and hip mobility in addition to core strength as you’ll be using these areas in ways that you may not be used to moving.

What’s the cancellation policy?

Once you register and pay your minimum 50% retainer (or pay in full), we hold a spot for you in class. If you need to cancel or move to another class date, you must do so fifteen (15) days before the start of class. Additionally, there will be a $75 roll-over fee. Your retainer will be applied to another class with the same instructor.

There are allowances for unusual circumstances. Cases of injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family, or extreme weather (airports/highways closed) will be allowed to roll-over the retainer into another class with proper documentation. There are no refunds for courses attended, even if you fail to complete any portion of class for any reason.

Read our full Cancellation Policy here.

When does class start/finish?

There’s a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time.Classwill begin promptly at 9:00am PST and end at 6:00pm PST every day. To receive full credit, you must be in attendance for the full time of class. To maintain our CE provider status, we cannot issue partial credit should you arrive later or decide to leave early.

Is it mandatory to receive work in class?

Absolutely! It’s a huge portion of the learning process. If you cannot receive the work, you cannot take the class.

Do I need to be certified to practice on paying clients?

Center for Barefoot Massage no longer offers certification, but you are allowed to practice on clients once you’ve completed all required hours of class. Practicing for an extended amount of time, prior to offering this modality to paying clients, allows you the opportunity to get quality feedback from those who created the work so you know you’re doing the work properly. (We have plenty of resources for you that you’ll receive during and after class!)

In turn, this will give you the confidence to establish yourself as an authority in this specialized modality. We recommend practicing enough on clients to the point where you’re no longer second-guessing yourself and are fully confident in your new skill before adding it to your service menu.

Can I do barefoot massage while pregnant?

You sure can! However, you won’t be able to take the class if you’re pregnant because you won’t be able to receive.